Friday, March 3, 2017

From nothing to something

Bryan Brito
English, Period 3
From nothing to something
“ Hey Grandpa, can i interview you for a class project,” I asked him when we were watching netflix. He ignored me but i asked him again, “ Can I an interview you for a class project.” “Of course when do you want to start, tomorrow in the morning next week…” He was excited, probably because no one asked him to help the with something. He was smiling, I think that's the first big smile i ever seen him do. I was very happy he said yes.
Walking around the park kids screaming and the parents chasing them down. Wind blowing and leafs falling of trees. We can even hear the waves crashing on rocks, a peaceful day except the kids they were wild. I choosed my grandpa because I liked him he was a funny and a gangster type of guy. And, because he really doesn't mind me saying words that my other grandparents would. Our relationship was that he is my grandpa and i'm his grandson.
My grandpa looks like a mean and nice dude. Hes fit but not the tallest his 5,7’. He has a dark skin color with scars. Short hair, almond eyes, with no widow's peak, medium ears, and a mexican. His voice is not deep and not too squeaky it's right in the middle. His crabby, happy, and gets lost when i tell him something he thinks of something else. He doesn't really think before he speaks he says what's on his mind. There was one time when we were eating dinner he told my mom that the food tasted raw and had no flavor. Sometimes i think that he must be a hardcore savage.
“What did you do after the school day ended during junior?” I asked. He thought for a while.  I was laying down trying to rest and boom he pointed up and said, “ Ahh I know!” He told me that he really didn't do anything but work and sometimes do his homework but doesn't do it because he knew no english. I  asked, “Where did you work at.” He responded “I worked at a factory that makes beads I worked right after school till midnight.” I was surprised i knew he worked but not all day. He also told me he would go play basketball with his friends almost every day except on the weekends. I told him “ Why can't my brother and I go to the park to play soccer and basketball.” He responded, “ We don't have time to go plus we don't have a lot of money to pay the gass” I nodded. “Ok let's move on” I replied.
“What was your goal” I asked. He replied, “I didn't have goals like other i didn't want to go to college I wanted to learn english, learning english was my main goal.” I was surprised because from knowing no english to knowing english almost fluently. “Did you have any other goal” I asked, “Yes, my other goal was to get a full time job to help my family pay the house and food” he replied. He told me most of his siblings got jobs and when everyone got a job, it was easier paying the house bills. But then he said that with the money everyone started going there own way.
“How was mexico back then” He tried to remember, he was spacing out and tried to get his attention. “Ahhh mexico back then was the best me and my friends would go walking around  are city after school and buying little firecrackers and throwing them at our feet. I said. “Was it dangerous walking alone around the city” I asked. He said no because back then there weren't that many cars so the chances of them getting hit are really low. And not that many bad people. He said. That once in awhile a paletero and a elotero(it's a guy selling ice cream,shaved ice, and sodas and then there the guy selling elotes) he told me he would always get elotes. He remembered playing canicas is marbles, and there's a medium circle with marbles inside and you had to flick your marble and knock as many as you can, and even take out the others players marble. I played that with my cousins it's really hard to shoot accurate.
“What did you do after school ended” I asked. He replied, “ I worked at a factory making beads all day, like i said before.” He really didn't do much only play basketball and work every day. I wanted to go to the park every day to play soccer but we couldn't, so i usually played inside my room trying not to break anything. “Did you like your job” I asked. He replied, “ Yes and no sometimes there were days that suckd and then there were good days” “ What do you mean about good and bad days?” i said, “ Sometimes we got a tons of work and was tiring and then there was the days we had a little bit to do.” He said
“That's all for today grandpa thank you for helping me” I said he nodded. What i learned was that dont give up on anything and you will succeed. Like my grandpa he went from nothing to something. And, he learned english, got a job, had a family, and lived a happy life.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stay Gold

      Johnny: “Stay gold.” When johnny said stay gold it meant that stay alive and perfect. And, pony stills remember the poem that's about staying gold and i remember a little part that said, nothing stays gold. So stay gold means to stay alive be good and be perfect.